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If you want to sell your old car online, look no further! We are a scrap my car London Company that fulfills all your car scrapping needs while earning some extra cash on the side. We are known to offer the best prices to clients who sell car online. We are unbeatable when it comes to customer service too. We get the job done so you don’t have to move a muscle during the entire car disposal process! You can always be sure that we will meet all your requirements as well as give you a great deal on your old clunker!

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With years of experience, we have successfully built a positive reputation that other companies only dream to achieve. So you may be asking, how does our system work? It’s easy! Interested customers only need to fill out a form in our website to begin the process of car collection. Instead of driving your old car to your shop, we go to you instead! Getting rid of an old vehicle is a very stressful activity. Apart from transporting the vehicle to car scrapping yards or authorized treatment facilities, you also need to deal with tons of paperwork just to get rid of it once and for all. If you lead a hectic lifestyle, getting rid of an old car may be too much for you. This is where our scrap my car London services come in. Once we have successfully collected your vehicle along with the paperwork, we will take over and do it for you! Give us a call on: 07935 433896.

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What makes us the best in the scraping industry in London?

- We have successfully helped clients get rid of unwanted vehicles for many years. We have maintained our positions as leaders in the industry by delivering prompt and efficient car collection services as well as processing documentation for our client.
- We have developed a simple and straightforward system that allows for clients to get rid of their car fast! We are firm supporters of nature preservation, and we believe in the safe and legal disposal strategies for vehicles.
- Our company understands the relevance of scrapping car parts and recycle spare parts that may be recycled by auto manufacturing companies and other industries that utilize metal.
- Our scrap my car London services support the directives of the government to dispose of unwanted vehicles through the implementation environmentally-friendly schemes. We share the goal not only of the government, but that of our clients and auto manufacturing companies as well

We have earned an excellent reputation in the car scrapping market in London. We strive to maintain our position by adapting latest scrapping and car collection techniques. One of our main priorities is to ensure our customers feel that they matter to us. Although we are dealing with “junk” vehicles, we place value in them through our efficient car collection services. In addition, we give our clients top prices in exchange for their vehicles, regardless of model, make, and year! Of course, our competitors have similar claims to those who sell are online, but as far as we know, we are the only company in London that can actually deliver our promises.

We work hard to comply with our clients’ needs and demands. Our company understands that getting rid of an old car can be a very tedious project. The hours of planning on how to get rid of your car can be quite stressful. Instead of doing it on your own, we assume the responsibility of scrapping your car as you sit back and relax. We make sure that collection requirements of clients are met. You can set the date, time, and location of pickup, and we will be there. In our years of collecting cars from clients, we have proven ourselves to be on time always.

Unlike our competitors that charge high fees for car collection, we are known to offer the most affordable service fees. We known that the last thing you want is to pay for somebody to take out your junk, thus we only charge minimal fees upon collection.

Our scrap my car London is also known for prompt, efficient, and friendly customer service. Once we have received your car collection request, we then assess the condition of your and present you with an unbeatable quote in just a few hours. Once a price has been agreed upon between our team and customers who want to sell car online we then proceed to setting up the details for fast car collection. If you want to get rid of your car the next day, we have the tool, equipment, and machinery to fulfill this and more!

For those who have busy schedules and will be unable to accommodate us during collection, we highly advise that you leave all the necessary document with a trusted family member or friend, and then we’ll take it from there. From processing DVLA paperwork to Certificate of Destruction we will process and send all completed documents within a few weeks after your car has been delivered to Authorized Treatment Facilities.

We share the government’s belief and mission of developing a greener community. Our company is firm on its stand of becoming an environmentally responsible service company that will not throw your scrap at a random dumpsite or yard. By delivering your scrap to treatment facilities and recycling companies, we fulfill our mission in making our world a better to live in. Scrapping your car not only offers monetary rewards, but also helps you in your efforts in saving the environment too! We are a recognized company by environmental agencies, so you can rest assured that your vehicle will be disposed or recycled in the safest ways possible.